Cable Tray

Cable trays are often divided into perforated cable trays and welded cable trays.

Perforated cable tray is a kind of cable tray with holes on the bottom sheet and side rails for the distribution of electricity, and signaling in industrial plants, department stores, gyms, hospitals, airports, and other industries.

Perforated cable trays provide excellent ventilation, enhance cable life, and can be attached to any structure. Its solid base allows the installation of a large number of heavy-duty power cables, providing stable support for the electrical system. In addition, aluminum perforated cable trays are lightweight, corrosion resistant, and aesthetically pleasing, making them an ideal cable management solution.

Welded cable trays are made up of a series of interconnected metal wires, which create a mesh-like structure that can be used to route cables and wires through a space. It is well-ventilated and easy to clean and maintain.

It is also known as a cable management tray, generally available in three types of installation: ceiling mountable, wall mountable, and floor mountable.

Cable Tray Introduction

ceiling cable tray1

The ZEXIN Electrical cable tray system offers an effective economical solution to the protection, support and transportation of cables, pipes and other services in commercial and industrial installations.


Perforated cable tray

Welded cable tray

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Size & Performance

Welded Cable Tray Common Specifications
No.MaterialWire DiameterHole SizeSize
(H × W × L)
1SS304450 × 10055 (H) × 100 (W) × 3,000 (L)
2SS304450 × 10055 (H) × 200 (W) × 3,000 (L)
3SS304450 × 10055 (H) × 300 (W) × 3,000 (L)




Cable tray is a structure used to support and protect cables, pipes, and other equipment. It is typically made of metal or plastic, with an open design that allows for easy installation and maintenance. Cable trays have a wide range of applications in many fields. Below are some common applications of cable trays.

1. Power Industry: Cable trays are widely used in the power industry to support and protect power transmission lines, cables, and distribution equipment. You can emphasize the crucial role of cable trays in power distribution and transmission, and how they ensure the safety and reliable operation of power systems.

2. Telecommunication Industry: In the telecommunication industry, cable trays are used to carry and protect various communication cables, including telephone lines, fiber optic cables, and network cables. You can describe how cable trays help ensure stable connections between communication equipment and improve the efficiency of communication networks.

3. Construction Industry: Cable trays play an important role in the construction industry, used for indoor and outdoor cable and pipeline wiring. You can highlight the flexibility and reliability of cable trays in internal system wiring of buildings, and how they enhance the safety and efficiency of buildings.

4. Industrial Manufacturing: Factories and manufacturing facilities often require cable trays for the layout of power and communication equipment. You can describe the application of cable trays in industrial manufacturing, how they help manage equipment connections, and ensure the efficient operation of production lines.

5. Transportation Industry: In the transportation sector, cable trays are used to support and protect power and communication lines in transportation facilities. You can emphasize the importance of cable trays in traffic signal systems and communication equipment to ensure the safety and smooth operation of transportation.

6. Mining and Energy: In mining and energy facilities, cable trays are used to support and protect power and communication wiring. You can describe how cable trays help ensure the production efficiency and safety of mining and energy facilities, promoting industry development.


What material is aluminum cable tray made of?

Aluminum cable trays, an integral part of contemporary electrical infrastructure, are specifically engineered to provide a secure, orderly, and adaptable platform for housing and routing cables in various settings. The primary focus of this article is to delve deeply into the material composition of aluminum cable trays – its properties, advantages, and why it stands out as a preferred choice among numerous materials used for cable management systems. 1. The Material Core: Aluminum At the heart of aluminum cable trays lies the material itself – aluminum, a chemical element represented by the symbol Al and atomic number 13. Aluminum is a

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What is aluminum cable tray?

Aluminum cable trays are an essential component of modern electrical installations and infrastructure, providing a safe, efficient, and organized pathway for the management and support of cables in industrial, commercial, and residential buildings. They serve as a backbone to house and protect wiring systems from damage, environmental factors, and potential hazards, ensuring optimal performance and longevity of the cables. This article delves into the world of aluminum cable trays, their composition, applications, advantages, installation considerations, and their role in sustainable building practices. 1. What is an Aluminum Cable Tray? An aluminum cable tray is a type of cable management system that’s

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What is wire mesh cable tray?

Wire mesh cable trays represent a significant innovation in cable management solutions, offering an open, ventilated, and flexible platform for routing and supporting cables in industrial, commercial, and institutional settings. Unlike traditional enclosed cable trays, wire mesh cable trays provide a host of advantages, from improved cooling and ventilation to ease of cable installation and modification. This article explores the concept of wire mesh cable trays, their construction, features, and applications. Understanding Wire Mesh Cable Trays A wire mesh cable tray is an open framework structure designed to manage and support cable runs within buildings and industrial spaces. Composed of welded

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