Three major uses of cable tray

Three major uses of cable tray

The purpose of the cable tray is mainly in three aspects: supporting the cable; protecting the cable; managing the cable.

1.Support cable

Cable tray attaches and supports the cables to the building or independently supports the cables to pass through tunnels or caves, underground, midair, etc.It mainly plays the role of supporting the cables. Most cables are flexible and cannot be routed on their own. Using the characteristics of the steel structure of the cable tray, the cables can be well supported.

2. Protect cable

Cable tray has the function of protecting the cable.At the same time, cable tray also plays a role in isolation from the external environment. Some cables used outdoors will definitely encounter various weather such as wind and rain throughout the year.And cable tray can protect the cables at this time to prolong the service life of the cable.

3.Manage cable

Cable tray can centrally manage a single bundle of multiple bundles or even tens of thousands of bundles of cables. It also supports multi-level cable management. Cable tray installation is more convenient, simple and easy to disassemble. For cables that need to be replaced, just remove the main part of the cable tray and reinstall it to restore the original structure. It is not easy to damage the building structure. And It is more convenient for cable repair, maintenance and replacement.

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