Korea, Bangladesh customers visit cable tray

Korea, Bangladesh customers visit cable tray

Korea and Bangladesh customers visited our workshop to observe the laser machine operation process. Our technicians introduced to the customers in detail the working principle of the laser cutting machine, the programming process, and the advantages of its high-precision and high-efficiency operation.


Through the real-time demonstration, customers witnessed the laser’s amazing cutting ability in complex graphics and fine structures, gaining a more intuitive understanding of our customized production and processing precision for products.

Later, moving to the sample room, we introduced the features, design concepts, and technical innovations behind each sample, one by one. Special emphasis was placed on the uniqueness of the products in terms of material selection, structural design, surface treatment, etc., as well as how the rigorous quality control process ensures that each product meets or exceeds customers’ expectations.


Finally, we had a lively discussion in the conference room, focusing on the selection of bridge materials, production processes, and the quality of finished products. We elaborated on the basis for selecting bridge materials, including the comprehensive consideration of strength, corrosion resistance, cost-effectiveness, and other factors. The entire process, from raw material procurement, pretreatment, molding processing, welding, and surface treatment, to final assembly, was detailed, emphasizing the strict control and quality testing of each process to ensure the stability and durability of the bridge products.

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