Ladder Cable Trays in Chemical Plants | Germany

Ladder Cable Trays in Shipyard | Australia 

Perforated Cable Trays in Pharmaceutical Factory | Singapore

Wire Mesh Cable Trays in The Largest Data Center | Malaysia 

Low Load-Bearing Roof  | Germany 245kW

Australia National Maritime Museum | Australia 235kW

Low Load-Bearing Roof  | Henan Province, China 280kW 

Low Load-Bearing Roof   Jiangsu Province, China 530kW

Solar Facade  | Spain 30kW

Solar Facade  | Germany 33kW

Solar Facade  | Shanghai, China 88kW

Solar Facade  | UAE 30kW

Cold Chain Vehicle | Switzerland 2.6kW

Ski-wax trucks  | Beijing,China 4.5kW

The World’s First Solar Train  | Australia 6.4kW

Yacht  | Australia 6.5kW

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