Anti-corrosive electrical coated aluminum alloy cable trunking


Professional Anti-corrosive Electrical Coating Aluminum Cable Trough – Optimized Structure, Efficient Heat Dissipation, Flexible Customization

Our anticorrosive electrical coated aluminum alloy cable trunking is a high-performance and cost-effective solution designed for modern electrical engineering wiring, which has won wide recognition in the market for its unique advantages. The core features of this product are as follows:

1. Simple structure and easy to install: made of high-quality aluminum alloy materials and combined with advanced technology, the overall structural design is streamlined and modularized assembly greatly simplifies the installation process, reduces the consumption of man-hours, and is easy for rapid on-site deployment and adjustment.

2. Lightweight advantage: especially suitable for arranging lighter weight cable systems, reducing the burden of support, and facilitating flexible application in different environments, including high-rise buildings, commercial complexes, industrial plants and outdoor facilities.

3. Excellent ventilation and heat dissipation performance: The inner wall of the cable trough is specially treated and equipped with scientific and reasonable vent design, which effectively improves the heat dissipation performance, ensures that the cable maintains the appropriate temperature during operation, prolongs the service life of the cable, and reduces the potential fire hazards.

4. Cost-effectiveness and installation flexibility: In response to customers’ strict requirements for cost control and installation conditions, our aluminum alloy cable trunking has a competitive price advantage while ensuring excellent performance. They can be customized according to specific project requirements, including but not limited to standard cable ducts, galvanized cable ducts, perforated cable ducts, and hot-dip galvanized cable ducts, among other diverse types.

In addition, we also offer a wide range of cable management solutions, including but not limited to:

Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) Cable Troughs: with excellent anti-corrosion and insulation properties, they are particularly suitable for cable laying in harsh environments;

Stainless steel cable tray series: including high-quality SS304 cable trays and SS201 cable trays, which are suitable for places that require high corrosion and rust resistance;

Comprehensive customization service: one-to-one professional customization service can be provided according to user-specific specifications, dimensions, load requirements and environmental conditions.

As a professional cable trough supplier, we always adhere to the principle of quality first and service first, and are committed to providing every customer with products and services that best meet their actual needs. Choose our anticorrosive electrical coated aluminum alloy cable trunking to help you achieve a safe, efficient and beautiful layout for your cable system.

Our Advantage

1. We insist on using the best raw materials.

2. We use laser cutting to guarantee the accuracy of our products.

3. OEM service available

4. 24-hours after-sales support.

5. Guaranteed delivery times

About Zexin Electric

Zexin Electric had been dedicated to fabricating and providing one-stop cable support and electrical products and solutions to worldwide customers since its foundation in 2016. Our high- quality cable support products include cable tray, cable ladder, strut channel, solar module,steel pipe,matching accessories, etc. OEM and ODM are available.

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