Cable Ladder Inside Riser

The cable ladder can support heavy cables, cable bundles, and pipes at long support spans. Cables can enter and exit anywhere along the span. Ladders provide free airflow, which is essential to avoid overheating of cables.





About Cable Ladder

  • The Ladder Cable tray consists of two side rails connected by rungs.
  • This type of cable tray is helpful because the ladder rung gives easy cable accessibility both from the top and bottom sides.
  • The rungs in ladder-type cable trays give suitable fixtures to tie cables for positioning of the cables in the horizontal runs in case the non-horizontal cable trays.



Material & Surface Treatment

  • GI: Pre-galvanized
  • HDP: Hot-dip galavanized
  • SS304/316: Stainless steel SS304
  • AL: Aluminum
  • PC: Powder coated
  • FRP: Fiberglass



Size Details

  • Width (W): 50-1000mm
  • Height (H): 25-300mm
  • Thickness (T): 0.6-3mm
  • Standard Length (L): 3000mm
  • Size customization: Available