Fire – proof channel box Cable Tray

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FQH series of cable have good function of heat insulationand fire-proof etc. corrosion-resisting and also are suiable suitablefor wide-ranging environment. They have characteristics of light weight, heavy load and reliable safety, and also have reached the advanced standard in country.
FQH series of fire-proof channel box can be divided into for parts as follows according to different use occasions.
(1).Fully-sealed channel box of fire-proof type: The product suits the power cable below 10kv, and also suits the control cable, lightening Lines to be Laid in the areial cable ditch and channel indoors or outdoors.
(2).Half-sealed channel box of the fire-proof type: The product can experience flame stifling, temperature in the channel can be limited to be permitted value for the safety motion of cable. The box cover is double board. Besides the function against rain, if can fall automatically when temperature is high enough, covering
the cooling hole to avoid air.
(3).Fire-proof channel box for cable tunnel: The product is widely-used for the tunnel, some underground public facilities and some other occasions. It is well ventilated. When the channel box catches fire or the cable is hotter, the opened ventilated mesh soaked with special refractory coating is blocked because of the flames, and also expanded to thick carbon covering the cable, the small cover on the net falls automatically to cover the net face, as a result, causing the burning medium to go out because of the absence of Oxygen.
(4).Inorganic channel box of fire-proof type: The product is formed with the inorganic material and strengthen glass fiber. The refractory structure is fully seal. It can prevent efficiently the self-burning of the cable and the danger of the outer kindling material. Because of inorganic material, it is especially suitable for the occasions of serious acid and alkali corrosion.

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