Fireproof Electro-galvanized Steel Wire Mesh Cable Tray


Fireproof Electro-galvanized Steel Wire Mesh Cable Tray–Lightweight and durable, excellent heat dissipation, flexible customization

We recommend you a well-built fireproof electro-galvanized steel wire mesh cable tray, which combines lightweight design, superior air permeability and high flexibility, especially adapted to the needs of light cable wiring. Below are the core features and multiple types of this product introduced:

1. Lightweight structural design: this wire mesh cable tray is made of high-quality steel and treated with electro-galvanized process, which is not only sturdy in structure, but also lightweight and compact, especially suitable for cable routing with lighter load weight, reducing the burden of load-bearing while maintaining high efficiency in supporting effect.

2. Excellent heat dissipation performance: Due to its unique steel wire mesh structure, the bridge has excellent air permeability, which greatly promotes the air circulation between the cables, thus effectively reducing the temperature of the cables, preventing overheating damage caused by heat accumulation and extending the service life of the cables.

3. Widely used areas: for those occasions where the weight of the bridge is strictly controlled and attention is paid to the heat dissipation performance, such as high-rise buildings, data centers, tunnels, etc., this steel wire mesh cable bridge is undoubtedly an ideal choice, which can easily cope with all kinds of complex environmental conditions, and realize the orderly management of cables and good heat dissipation.

4. Simple installation and maintenance: the design emphasizes the flexibility and convenience of installation, making the wire mesh cable tray able to be quickly deployed and dismantled, greatly simplifying the construction process, but also convenient for future maintenance and line adjustment.

5. Diversified product series: We provide diversified wire mesh cable tray products, including conventional wire mesh cable tray, customized wire mesh cable tray, stainless steel wire mesh cable tray (both aesthetic and corrosion-resistant), as well as hot-dip galvanized wire mesh cable tray and galvanized wire mesh tray with enhanced weather resistance.

6. Basket type mesh tray design: some models adopt the basket type mesh tray structure, which further strengthens the space utilization rate and the ventilation and heat dissipation ability, not only meets the functional requirements but also adds a certain aesthetic value.

7. High-end material selection: In addition to the common steel wire mesh material, there are stainless steel wire mesh and carbon steel zinc mesh cable tray available, each material has its unique performance advantages to meet the specific requirements of different industries and application environments.

8. Transparent and reasonable price: we understand the importance of cost control, so we offer competitive prices for wire mesh cable tray, while maintaining quality without compromise, creating a higher cost-effective experience for customers.

To summarize, fireproof electro-galvanized steel wire mesh cable tray is unique among many cable management solutions with its unique advantages, and is a high-performance product that we have carefully developed to meet the needs of modern cable laying projects. Whether it is standard configuration or special customization, we will be dedicated to provide you with a full range of professional services.

Our Advantage

1. We insist on using the best raw materials.

2. We use laser cutting to guarantee the accuracy of our products.

3. OEM service available

4. 24-hours after-sales support.

5. Guaranteed delivery times

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