Galvanized aluminum-magnesium alloy perforated cable tray


High-quality galvanized aluminum-magnesium alloy perforated cable bridge — sturdy structure, excellent heat dissipation, professional customization

Our proud product is Galvanized Aluminum-Magnesium Alloy Perforated Cable Tray, which stands out in modern cable management systems with its unique design and excellent performance, especially suitable for large-scale, complex environment of large cable wiring projects. The following points highlight its main features and advantages:

1. solid and reliable structural design: this cable tray is made of high quality aluminum-magnesium alloy and precision galvanized, which enhances structural strength and corrosion resistance, specially designed for carrying large and heavy cable wiring to ensure long-term stable operation.

2. Convenient installation and friendly maintenance: thanks to its modular and perforated design, this cable tray has high flexibility during installation, not only can it be easily assembled and adjusted, but also facilitates maintenance and management in the later stage, saving time and cost.

3. Excellent support and protection function: In places where a large number of cables need to be supported and protected, such as data centers, factories, tunnels and other complex projects, the perforated cable tray can effectively guarantee the safety and life of the cables by virtue of its excellent load-bearing capacity and comprehensive protection design.

4. Optimized ventilation and heat dissipation performance: the perforated design significantly improves the air circulation efficiency inside the cable tray and reduces the aging risk of the cables due to overheating, which is especially suitable for power transmission systems with large heat generation and stringent requirements for heat dissipation.

5. Diversified materials and styles: We offer a wide range of product lines, including ordinary cable tray, perforated cable tray, cable tray made of top grade stainless steel SS304 and SS201, ventilated perforated cable tray focusing on heat dissipation efficiency, and hot-dip galvanized cable tray with outstanding anti-corrosion performance.

6. Tailor-made service: For specific project requirements, we provide professional customized cable tray service to ensure that each type of bridge is perfectly matched with the actual working conditions of customers, and also support OEM customization to fully meet the requirements of personalized design and special specifications.

7. Combination of environmental protection and high performance: In addition, we also supply fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) cable trays, which have excellent insulating properties and corrosion resistance; while aluminum alloy perforated cable trays ensure strength while reducing weight, further enhancing the overall cost-effectiveness.

In short, our galvanized aluminum-magnesium alloy perforated cable trays are designed to provide you with a one-stop solution that combines practicality and economy to ensure the safe and efficient operation of your cable system. No matter what complex cable routing challenges you face, our products can provide strong support and guarantee.

Our Advantage

1. We insist on using the best raw materials.

2. We use laser cutting to guarantee the accuracy of our products.

3. OEM service available

4. 24-hours after-sales support.

5. Guaranteed delivery times

About Zexin Electric

Zexin Electric had been dedicated to fabricating and providing one-stop cable support and electrical products and solutions to worldwide customers since its foundation in 2016. Our high- quality cable support products include cable tray, cable ladder, strut channel, solar module,steel pipe,matching accessories, etc. OEM and ODM are available.

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