12V 24V Portable Solar Charger

12V 24V Portable Solar Charger

  • Portable: A smaller size is achieved through the folding side pack design, ensuring that the product is easy to hold and transport.
  • Ultra-lightweight: Made from Shangmai’s patented lightweight, high quality materials, with a power to weight ratio of over 30W/kg.
  • Efficient: The STC has a peak power of 360W/175W/100W and can consistently produce 1000wh/500wh/300wh of power per day in most areas.
  • Durability: Made from the highly reliable materials used in Shangmai eArc modules, ensuring long-term reliability of the product.

12V 24V Portable Solar Charger Description

Zexin’s solar charger is a portable, reliable and convenient power solution for a wide range of camping, trekking and a number of other off-grid applications.

Accessories (1 year warranty)
12/24V adaptive solar charge controller (LCD display) with special crocodile clips for battery connection
5m extension cable (Anderson connector)


STC Portable SMF36OM-24 Portable SMF175M-12 Portable SMF100S-12
Maximum Power(P.max ) 360 175 100
Maximum Power Voltage (Vmp ) 39.8 19.5 19
Maximum Power Current(Lmp ) 9.05 8.98 5.27
Open-circuit Voltage (Voc) 48.3 23.9 23.5
Short-circuit Current (lsc ) 9.57 9.5 5.67
Operating Temperature  -40 °C to 85 °C
Maximum System Voltage 6000 vDC (IEC)
Maximum Series Fuse Rating 20A
Application Class Class A
Power Tolerance 0/+5 w


Product Portable SMF360M-24 Portable SMF175M-12 Portable SMF100S-12
Solar Cell Mono (6 inches) Mono (6 inches) Mono (5 inches)
No.of Cells 72 36 36
Folded Dimensions 670x540x35 mm 670×540×18 mm 550x440x18 mm
Unfolded Size 1340x2030x5 mm 670×2030×5 mm 550x1500x5 mm
Weight 9.5 kgs 5.0 kgs 3.5 kgs
Backsheet Black
Material Waterproof Nylon Fabric
Connector Anderson Plugs

Unfolded Size Detail Image:

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