LF550M10-72H Monocry stalline silicon solar module

LF550M10-72H Monocry stalline silicon solar module

Combined with the cell halving technology, the product has higher output power, effectively reducing the cost per watt system; the product has excellent performance in shading loss, temperature coefficient effectively reducing the risk of hot spot in high power modules, and better power generation performance and reliability in system applications.

LF550M10-72H Monocry stalline silicon solar module Description

Comprehensive product and system certifications
EC61215 (2016)/EC61730 (2016) SO9001:2015 Quality Management System Certification SO14001:2015 Environmental Management System Certification OHSAS18001:2018 Occupational Health Management System Certification

High power generation
Multi-grid technology, better PV utilization and current collection capability, effectively improve product power output and reliability

High durability
Meet the test requirements far above the lEC standard, with tenacious resistance to corrosive gases such as salt spray, ammonia, etc. The PID resistance ensures that the product is resistant to corrosive gases such as salt spray and ammonia.

PID resistance guarantee
Resistant to the risk of PID (Potential Induced Degradation).

Excellent resistance to hot spot
By optimizing the circuit design and operating current, we achieve better temperature coefficient and hot spot resistance.

Strong mechanical performance
The whole assembly can withstand up to 8000 Pa mechanical load

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