Durable Double Deck Marine Cable Tray

Type: Double deck marine cable tray
Material Options: Steel, aluminum, aluminum alloy, zinc aluminum magnesium, and more
Place of Origin: Jiangsu, China
Brand Name: Zexin
Customization: Parameters can be customized to meet specific requirements
Color Options: Silver and other colors available upon request
Certifications: UL, CE, IEC
Surface Finish Options: Hot dipped galvanized, galvanized, electro-galvanized, GI
OEM Capability: Compatible with Cablofil or available for OEM customization
Accessories Included: Bracket, splice bar, connector
Installation: Easy to install
Sample Availability: Samples available for evaluation

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Explore the superior quality and durability of the Double Deck Marine Cable Tray by Zexin, expertly designed for marine environments. Our double deck trays provide enhanced cable management and protection, ideal for demanding marine applications.

Our Double Deck Marine Cable Trays are specifically engineered to withstand the harsh conditions of marine environments, offering excellent corrosion resistance and long-lasting performance. The double deck design ensures efficient cable management, maximizing space and organization.


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With top industry certifications such as UL, CE, and IEC, our marine cable trays comply with the highest standards. The available surface finishes—hot dipped galvanized, galvanized, electro-galvanized, and GI—provide robust protection against corrosion and wear, ensuring reliable operation in marine conditions.

For a dependable and versatile marine cable management solution, choose Zexin’s Double Deck Marine Cable Tray. Contact us today to customize your order or request a sample.

Our Advantage

1. We insist on using the best raw materials.

2. We use laser cutting to guarantee the accuracy of our products.

3. OEM service available

4. 24-hours after-sales support.

5. Guaranteed delivery times

About Zexin Electric

Zexin Electric had been dedicated to fabricating and providing one-stop cable support and electrical products and solutions to worldwide customers since its foundation in 2016. Our high- quality cable support products include cable tray, cable ladder, strut channel, solar module,steel pipe,matching accessories, etc. OEM and ODM are available.

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