How to distinguish between Hot-dip galvanized and Pre-galvanized?

How to distinguish between Hot-dip galvanized and Pre-galvanized?

Cable tray ,Cable ladder ,Cable trunking ,Steel Pipe,Strut channel ,C channel.H steel plate accessories etc can be manufactured by hot dipped galvanized or pre-galvanized.

.Look at the craftsmanship

Hot-dip galvanized is a process of degreasing, pickling and other processes to complete the galvanizing treatment after infiltration.

Although Pre-galvanized is also subjected to degreasing and pickling, it is finally obtained by electrolysis.

  • Look at the appearance

Hot-dip galvanized surfaces will be slightly rough silver-white.

Pre-galvanized surfaces will have a smooth, multi-colored yellow-green surface.

  • Look at the thickness

Hot-dip galvanized average zinc layer thickness is 10-150 microns.

Pre-galvanized average zinc layer thickness is only 3-5 microns.

  • Look at the surface

Hot-dip galvanized surface is rough.

Pre-galvanized surface is smooth

  • Where to use

Hot-dip galvanized is mainly used for outdoor projects.

Pre-galvanized is mainly used for indoor projects

  • The warranty time

Hot galvanized can be used for 20 years outdoors.

Pre-galvanized can be used for 10 years indoors.

  • Look at the degree of corrosion resistance

Hot-dip galvanized corrosion resistance is strong.

Pre-galvanized corrosion resistance is weak

  • Look at the environment

Hot-dip galvanized can be used in harsh, hydrochloride, corrosive environments.

Pre- galvanized can only be used in dry, non-corrosive environments.

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